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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Algae fuel firms face moment of truth UPDATED

Algae fuel firms face moment of truth

SECOND Paragraph  BBC  Report)

 Relating to Algae production for U.S,  Canada:  I could have explained to DARPA employs and others, that the outlook for LIQUID ALGAE MIXED WITH 50-60% KEROSINE and THEIR  LACK EXPERTISE  in  LIQUID ALGAE would be HIGHLY LIMITED and QUESTIONABLE from a productive standpoint:   as presented below:
 I spent three decades in most related areas; Algae is, and  was the rage of the day. but being a small Company with a great amount of technical production capability,it appears I  was not acceptable.
 Eventually, a number of distinguished advisory organizations and universities came to the conclusion that the Industry was too slow and not efficient enough to make a difference in national emergency.  Even BBC  weighted in with a report a few days ago as outlined in the next paragraph.  As a whole, with minor exceptions,  are just involved in research (at least 20,000 more speces to check) and some university groups are estimating another ten+ years or more to get into  normalcy in production.    Will they then come up with realistic, not projected delusionary prices???  There were a number of companies that were critical of the algae Industry because of long periods of research and very little production with outrageous prices. And  only now is DoD  re-evaluating the Billions spent on these projects. The maximum production of dry algae prior to 1960's was 100 Tons per year, now 50+ YEARS LATER, even the largest producers can double, tripple, or go to 600 Tons per year for the few with this type of capability, would it make a difference for the A/F or commercial vendors?  WHERE IS THE

Algae fuel firms face moment of truth  As REPORTED  BY BBC

Posted: 07  Dec 2011 01:21 AM PST
With the number of algae start-ups increasing around the world, it remains a harsh truth that none have been successful in producing fuel commercially and at scale. Several firms, including GreenFuel Technologies, have shut down. UK’s Carbon Trust’s algae programme was shut down after the Government decided to scrap non-performing programs. Practical issues in the industry seem to be taking its toll. Development has been largely slow and profits have been practically non-existent. With such issues hanging around, it remains to be seen how much longer it will take for the industry to become viable on a commercial scale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15947205

Additional Comments By Howard Stern        12/14/11
Re: My small Company with a compatible CHEMICAL Process Engineering Firm.and
MY technology and systems, will produce 16,000,000 pounds on a demo project with very high energy POWDERED  dry ALGAE with  updated  plant.  I am planning at least thirty of these units throughout the U.S.with participating PARTNER(s), a Corporate entity.  My current desire is finding an organization engaged in creating DIRECT  HYDROGEN  from high energy  powdered Algae product to produce electrical power.  The basic powdered method has  been tested  material that has been proven by the A/F on combat aircraft. Testing on trucks and military vehicles would be next objective.   Howard Stern,Pres
sugarLand  Texas      sternh@windstream.net