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Thursday, May 24, 2012


5/24/12                EDITOR: For immediate release

 Is the much HYPED ALGAE OIL an EXPENSIVE and Marginal
Energy Source?

Sugar Land, TEXAS
+1   http://zolae-stern.blogspot.com

A serious  subject, involving ALGAE LIQUID FUEL and National Security for the UNITED STATES. 
The current WET ALGAE LIQUID CAN BE PRODUCED  AS A DRY  HEALTH FOOD (or tablets) with qualifications, yes, for algae fuel a waste of time.

There is almost NO chance for ALGAE OIL to survive as a viable Transportation fuel for our future.   Perhaps with the HEALTH FOODS.  (I make this key statement on  30++ years of related R&D)   BUT, if the
Industry changes, it must be produced in clean waters  they must consider Public safety  and careful processing with the 
"Miracle BUGS" or imported algae where production may be from questionable  sources  This also applies to Domestic sources that may be produced  "BUGS"  that may be Environmentally Hazardous the water to enhance GROWTH or other  hazardous contaminants if the water is not flushed often enough.  Which reminds us: what happens to the water?  when someone succeeds in increases in production? Is the new bug safe for our streams, lakes and rivers and reservoirs environment, or the Health Food. What happens to our potable water. DO YOU WISH FOR  a st----g mess they had all summer last year in France?  This  Depletes Oxygen, kills fish, and makes our waters unfit for human and animal consumption?

Many people suggested that the  abundant algae in sewers  be used for poultry feed.I suggest that this is regrettable, because sewerage contains Cadmium; Toxic minerals; chemicals; all of which may be more harmful than current antibiotics on Poultry and other animals consumed by the people. Other areas must be tested and certified as pure and safe if used for human consumption   There are other cautions that should be instituted by the Government, but for the time being this will suffice. As a transportation
fuel maybe in twenty or 30 years

Again, Why not Algae Oil ? All the previous Algae Oils Tests have been newly produced and used as produced  and no tests on Algae oil exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold.  If a  National Emergency occurred,  the oil was stored for 6 or 12 months it might separate from the KEROSINE mixture and form "Fur-Balls" it would easily clog the fuel lines of All Engines including Commercial and Military Aircraft   And if we use 50%    KEROSINE  CATALYST why do we use progressively expensive Algae Oil instead of an cheaper BIO-OIL? green oil products?  And, if we use a flammable fuel. We will repeat the mistakes we made in AFGHANISTAN in transporting FLAMMABLE  liquid fuels We will also be able to minimize the number of land and air tankers.  [Don'T forget, you area dealing with a very tender water vegetable that will deteriorate within a couple of hours if  not at least partially dried.

Therefore: We must skip a few "next generation fuels" and go to Direct HYDROGEN.  The new DIRECT technology  is being tested by by SWISS & AMERICAN  LABS (SANDYA)  and , act as a catalyst in a shorter time, cheaper, more abundant, safer with new Fuel Cell  and we can produce the Catalyst within 15 months.  and can be in use on a very large scale

Howard Stern
SugarLand TX

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